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Frequently Asked Questions

OurhouseUSA is a free website to register for consumers and superintendents. Businesses only need to start a Safe Schools Pledge Crowdfunding Campaign with a minimum $1 donation.

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How does the Safe Schools Pledge work?

When a business agrees to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and accepts the Safe Schools Pledge agreement, businesses will automatically have access to a free digital marketing platform. A business will utilize this free marketing platform to generate more sales for their business and to crowdfund for K-12 public school districts. The Pledge is active from the date the business signs up to the end of the calendar year (December 31). Businesses will be provided a free crowdfunding campaign platform. They will be able to contribute funds to their crowdfunding campaign as often as they prefer (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and whatever amount they prefer until the end of the calendar year. No minimum amount required. 100% of all donations contributed to their crowdfunding campaign throughout the year is tax deductible. OurhouseUSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit..

Every time a business makes a contribution to their Safe Schools Pledge Campaign, 95% of the donation is transferred directly to a separate holding account (Schools Funding Account). 100% of this Schools Funding Account is then forwarded to K-12 public school districts that registered with OurhouseUSA - to be used for safety and security needs. Every school district has different safety and security needs (i.e., social distancing, teacher/student ration, physical security improvements, software security improvements, security officer(s), etc.).

The other 5% will be transferred directly to the OurhouseUSA account and be used to pay for the secure e-commerce platform and invested to help OurhouseUSA continue to develop into the Ultimate All-in-one Youth Development Community.

How does a business generate funds?

When consumers join the OurhouseUSA community, they can register to support businesses participating in the “Safe Schools Pledge.” Consumers have the option to select which companies receive their support – and in return, they’ll receive unique promotional emails from these businesses. OurhouseUSA will market consumers to join and support local area businesses.

A percentage of the profits generated, as a direct result of these unique promotional emails (offered to consumers who have joined the OurhouseUSA community) can be added to the businesses crowdfunding campaign. In addition, businesses have the option of directly donating to this much needed cause, by budgeting some of their marketing and community relations funds to their crowdfunding campaign. We want to give business marketing departments, the flexibility to be creative, to ensure success for all involved in the Safe Schools Pledge campaign.

How the funds are distributed to the public school districts?

Every business signs-up by county and state (physical address of business or online registered address of business, if no physical address). All funds donated to the OurhouseUSA Schools Funding Account are tracked and recorded, by amount donated, county and state.

All funds transferred to the OurhouseUSA Schools Funding Account, will be equally divided and distributed among all the public-school districts by county and state that registered with OurhouseUSA. (For example; if business A, business B, and business C, are all located in the same county and state. All the funds that each of these three businesses donated will be equally divided among all the public-school districts from that same county that the three businesses operate).

This business agrees to partake in the Safe Schools Pledge.